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They couldn’t hide forever. With combined expertise and sophisticated tools, scientists like UT’s Alan Tennant and Cristian Batista are revealing even the most well-concealed […]

Image: Example of the fractal structures in spin ice together with a famous example of a fractal (the Mandelbrot set), on […]

The University of Tennessee has been awarded a prestigious Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. It will officially kick off […]

Yang Zhang is organizing this Fall’s seminars which will be held at IAMM 147. These are listed in our events […]

Quantum entanglement is a defining property of quantum materials and the ultimate resource exploited by quantum computing and information processing. […]

University of Tennessee is looking for talented and highly motivated graduate students to join us. With one of the strongest […]

Fractals–objects with non-integer dimensions–show up in nature in phenomena as varied as snowflakes, lightning strikes, and natural coastlines. Now dynamical […]