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Education and Outreach

The ever-increasing need of quantum materials for quantum-based technologies and for quantum information and computation is demanding interdisciplinary approaches that transcend the barriers of departments and colleges. The IAMM Quantum Center nucleates experts from different Departments of UTK, including, Physics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Material Science and Engineering, who are incubating new approaches at the frontier between their different disciplines to guarantee a sustained and competitive effort in quantum materials. 

Designing and understanding quantum materials for specific applications is an overarching goal of the Center that is transforming the way of teaching and doing science at UTK. Young scientists of the future are being educated in an interdisciplinary environment that hybridizes different areas of knowledge. Our centers of education and research at UTK are moving in this direction by creating new spaces, such as the IAMM quantum center, where students and researchers from different Departments can coexist and synergize. We are currently offering the following inter-disciplinary courses and seminars:

Special Topics in Physics: Introduction to Machine Learning (PHYS 494/595 Del Maestro)

Advanced Topics in Interdisciplinary Physics: Neutron Scattering (PHYS 645, Tennant)

Quantum Information (PHYS 642, Siopsis)

Topological Phases of Matter (PHYS 642, Zhang)

Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena (PHYS 642, Del Maestro)

Condensed Matter Seminars (PHYS 599 Zhang/Tennant)

Quantum Materials (coming in Fall 2023, Tennant)

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