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Affiliates – Jan Musfeldt

Prof. Jan Musfeldt, University of Tennessee

[email protected]

Professor of Chemistry and Physics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Research focus: Quantum Materials under external stimuli



Jan is a professor of physical and materials chemistry as well as a professor of experimental condensed matter physics. She has been at Tennessee since 2001 where the focus has been on quantum materials under high magnetic fields and pressure. Prior to that, Jan worked at the State University of New York at Binghamton where she initiated her program. Jan did her postdoctoral work in condensed matter physics at the Universite de Sherbrook, her PhD in physical chemistry and chemical physics at Florida, and her BS in chemical engineering at the University of Illinois. Recent recognition includes (i) fellow of the American Physical Society, (ii) creativity awards from the National Science Foundation, and (iii) the Ziegler professorship. Her team has active collaborations at Brookhaven National Laboratory, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 

Research Description

The overall objective of our research program is to explore the chemistry and physics of quantum materials. We employ a variety of spectroscopic methods to reveal the properties of these systems, and we use different external stimuli – such as magnetic field, light, pressure, strain, and confinement – to tune and control these properties. The goal is to discover new states of matter + physical phenomena and, at the same time, to uncover properties of technological relevance. This work entails close collaboration with materials growth, theory, and device partners as well as the development of new experimental techniques. Current research directions include (i) unraveling coupling processes and nonreciprocity in multiferroics, (ii) uncovering functionality from enhanced spin-orbit coupling in 4- and 5d-containing materials, (iii) unveiling phase diagrams of chalcogenides,  (iv) revealing the response of nanoscale materials, interfaces, and defect structures, and (v) understanding decoherence processes in molecular spin qubits. At the same time, we champion interdisciplinary education and diversity and are very active in meeting and workshop organization. We are based at the University of Tennessee.

Recent research

Symmetry progression and possible polar metallicity in NiPS3 under pressure

Nonreciprocal directional dichroism at telecom wavelengths

Vibrational fingerprints of ferroelectric HfO2

Exploring few and single layer CrPS4 with near-field infrared spectroscopy

Chemical bonding and Born charge in 1T-HfS2

Excitations of intercalated metal monolayers in transition metal dichalcogenides

Site-specific spectroscopic measurement of spin and charge in (LuFeO3)m/(LuFe2O4)1 multiferroic superlattices

Research Image

Photographs of the instrumentation we use.