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Affiliates – Haidong Zhou

Prof. Haidong Zhou
[email protected]

Associate Professor of Physics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Research focus: Quantum Materials, e.g. synthesis, molecular quantum systems, 2D materials, quantum magnetism, strongly correlated electron systems



Zhou obtained his PhD degree in 2006 at the University of Texas at Austin with Prof. John B. Goodenough. He was postdoc and then research scientist in National High Magnetic Field Lab from 2006 to 2012. Since then, he is in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Tennessee. Zhou’s general research interest is about materials discovery, single crystal growth, and physical properties characterization of magnetic materials. His recent research focuses on quantum magnets with geometrically frustrated lattices. Zhou has published 307 papers with total citation 6853 and h-index-42.

Research Description

My research is concerned with the nature of phase transitions in condensed matter systems, especially strongly correlated systems and quantum matters. More specifically, I am involved with the single crystal growth and using the x-ray scattering, low temperature and high magnetic field measurements, and neutron scattering, as complementary probes to study the spin, electron and structure of solids. The recent focused area is the quantum magnetism such as quantum spin liquid and quantum spin state transitions in frustrated magnets.

Recent research

1) S. Pandey, H. Zhang, J. Yang, A. F. May, J. Sanchez, Z. Liu, J. H. Chu, J. W. Kim, P. J. Ryan, H. D. Zhou, and J. Liu, Controllable emergent spatial spin modulation in Sr2IrO4 by in situ shear strain, Physical Review Letters 129, 027203(1-7) (2022).

2) N. Anand, K. Barry, J. N. Neu, D. E. Graf, Q. Huang, H. D. Zhou, T. Siegrist, H. J. Changlani, and C. Beekman, Investigation of the monopole magneto-chemical potential in spin ices using capacitive torque magnetometry, Nature Communications 13, 3818(1-8) (2022).

3) J. Wang, Y. Jiang, T. Zhao, Z. Dun, A. L. Miettinen, X. Wu, M. Mourigal, H. D. Zhou, W. Pan, D. Smirnow, and Z. Jiang, Magneto-transport evidence for strong topological insulator phase in ZrTe5, Nature Communications 12, 6758(1-7) (2021).

4) G. Lin, J. Jeong, C. Kim, Y. Wang, Q. Huang, T. Masuda, S. Asai, S. Itoh, G. Gunther, M. Russina, Z. Lu, J. Sheng, L. Wang, J. Wang, G. Wang, Q. Ren, C. Xi, W. Tong, L. Ling, Z. Liu, L. Wu, J. Mei, Z. Qu, H. D. Zhou, X. Wang, J. Park, Y. Wan, J. Ma, Field induced quantum spin disordered state in spin-1/2 honeycomb magnet Na2Co2TeO6, Nature Communications 12, 5559(1-8) (2021).

5) X. Rao, G. Hussain, Q. Huang, W. J. Chu, N. Li, X. Zhao, Z. Dun, E. S. Choi, T. Asabam L. Chen, X. Y. Yue, N. N. Wang, J. G. Cheng, Y. H. Gao, Y. Shen, J. Zhao, G. Chen, H. D. Zhou, and X. F. Sun, Survival of itinerant excitations and quantum spin state transitions in YbMgGaO4 with chemical disorder, Nature Communications 12, 4949(1-9) (2021).

6) X. Hu, Daniel M. Pajerowski, D. Zhang, Andrey A. Podlesnyak, Y. Qiu, Q. Huang, H. D. Zhou, I. Klich, Alexander I. Kolesnikov, Matthew B. Stone, and S. H. Lee, Freezing of a disorder induced spin liquid with strong quantum fluctuations, Physical Review Letters 127, 017201(1-6) (2021).

7) R. J. Koch, R. Sinclair, M. T. McDonnell, R. Yu, M. Abeeykoon, M. G. Tucker, A. M. Tsvelik, S. J. L. Billinge, H. D. Zhou, W. G. Yin, and E. S. Bozin, Dual orbital degeneracy lifting in a strongly correlated electron system, Physical Review Letters 126, 186402(1-6) (2021).

8) X. J. Bai, S. S. Zhang, Z.Dun, H. Zhang, Q. Huang, H. D. Zhou, M. B. Stone, A. I. Kolesnikov, F. Ye, C. D. Batista, and M. Mourigal, Hybridized quadrupolar excitations in the spin-anisotropic frustrated magnet FeI2, Nature Physics 17, 467-472 (2021).

Research Image

Various single crystals grown in Zhou’s lab by using different methods. They were used for studies on various topics of condensed matter physics related to quantum materials.